Carpet Installation: DIY or Professional?

Bedroom carpet flooring

Pros and Cons of Installing Your Carpet DIY or Hiring a Professional

Technician removing old carpet flooringCarpet installation can be a big decision if you are covering a large area and spending a lot of money on a professional. At Flooring Wizards, we understand your problems. We believe it comes down to four things: the number of rooms you need done, the shape of the rooms, the type of carpet you’ve purchased, and your experience with carpet installation.Some people may think that DIY is a great way to save money. But don’t be fooled, because if you have no previous experience, are carpeting multiple rooms, including stairs, it is a large undertaking and one that requires a lot of work and determination.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)


Cost. One of the major advantages to DIY is that you’ll save money since the usual expenses of installation, labor and old carpet removal will be eliminated. The only large costs on your end will be the carpet itself and any specialty tools that you might need to rent or buy.

Schedule. You can start and finish the project whenever you want and work at your own pace.

Results. You have total control over the results.


Mistakes. They can cause delays for your project and be costly, as the manufacturers won’t be able to replace the carpets once they have been altered. When installing carpet over a separate padding, you need to ensure it is properly stretched, as inadequate stretching can cause wrinkles upon installation.

Disposal. You’ll need to pay for dumping fees and may need to consider hiring transport to take the old carpet to the dump. When hiring a professional, they will be able to correctly remove and dispose of the old carpets.

Professional Installation


Convenience. In most cases it’s easier to just pay a professional because you will end up with less hassle and a higher quality job.

Experience. Installing carpet requires a lot of special tools and on top of that, the knowledge of how to use them to get the best results.

Warranty. All manufacturers’ honour warranties if you get carpets installed professionally, and even if they don’t, most installers will provide you with a service guarantee.


Cost. You are paying a professional for their quality of work, so it will be more expensive.

Schedule. You will need to work around their schedule, so it might not be done when you want it done.

Whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional, our team at Tile Wizards can help. We offer carpet installation services if you require it, but we can also give you some DIY tips when you purchase carpet from us. Check out our carpet range online or visit one of our Tile Wizards stores when you are ready.

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