Carpet Stain Resistance and Types of Carpets

Carpet Stain Resistance and Types of Carpets.

Kinds of Carpet Stain Resistance and Different Carpet Types Available

When purchasing a for any area in your home, stain resistance is very important. Almost all synthetic carpets and rugs on the market nowadays have some form of stain resistance, but the level of stain resistance depends on the type of carpet, the quality of its coating and its age.

In this article we offer some insights into stain resistance and the many different types of carpet available on the market.

Kinds of Carpet Stain Resistance

Stain resistance can be categorized into 2 kinds: Inherent Stain Resistance and Stain Treatment.

1. Inherent Stain Resistance – Stain-resistant carpets are carpets with a chemical outer-coating that changes the carpet’s absorption ability.   This enables the owner to easily wipe away spills, often with just a damp cloth.
2. Stain Treatment – All carpet is ultimately a fiber. When treated with a stain treatment, whether it is a stain resistant fiber or not, the carpet is better equipped to repel stains.

The better the stain treatment on your carpet, and the less oil that is used in the manufacturing process, the better your carpet will repel dirt and the less dirt will be able to build up – extending the life of your carpet fibers and the look of your carpet.

Types of Carpets

Carpet comes in numerous different types and styles, all serving different purposes. The carpet type you choose will depend on your needs and wants.

Solid Cut Pile

Hands down, the most popular choice for builders and contractors is wall-to-wall solid cut pile carpet. The term “cut pile” refers to the carpet’s flat look resulting from looped fibers being cut to the same height to create a flat surface underfoot. Cut pile is also prized for its soft appearance. Since cut pile tends to be very dense, it provides a cushiony feel while the lack of open loops makes it a good choice for homes with pets because there’s nothing for paws and claws to get snagged on.

• Cut and Loop 

Cut and loop carpet is a better fit for homeowners interested in subtle patterns. Cut and loop carpet achieves its sculptural look through varied levels of sheared top loops and uncut low loops. This slight variation in color helps camouflage everyday wear and tear. Cut and loop is drastically softer than solid cut pile, but less durable. Unlike solid cut pile, cut and loop carpet is not ideal for homeowners with pets since claws and paws tend to snag on the loops.

• Hemp and Sisal 

These natural fibers are a great carpet alternative for giving a space a casual, coastal vibe. Hemp and sisal carpets are loved for their organic look and massage-like feel underfoot, however, they stain easily and are not the best choice for homes with pets or small children. To use wall-to-wall hemp or sisal effectively, stick with hallways, landings or bedrooms.

• Berber Carpet

Berber carpet fibers are looped instead of standing straight up. It is more durable under foot traffic but not as comfortable. If you have pets, make sure that you get the “zipper lock” type so that you won’t have any runs.

• Patterned Carpet 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a solid cut or berber type carpet with a pattern built into the fiber.

• Print Carpet

Print Carpet is a plush carpet that has a full colour design printed on top of the fibers. It can look like flowers, zebra stripes, baseballs, or almost whatever you want!

• Frieze or California Shag Carpet

It brings back the 70’s! This is the loosest type of carpet fiber to create a more modern shag type of carpet.

Consider The Carpet Underlay

It is also important to choose a carpet pad, or underlay that suits the type of carpet you are installing as well as the comfort level you require.

Here are other tips in choosing carpets successfully.

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