How to Ensure You Install a Good Quality Carpet

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Things to Consider to Get the Perfect Carpet

If you’ve decided to go for the comfort of carpet in your home and want to make sure you get a good quality product without breaking the bank, here are some things to look for – or look out for – when shopping.

The Right Carpet Underlay

Dunlop carpet underlayIt’s important to remember that the quality of “feeling underfoot” lies not only in the carpet itself, but also in what is under it. Choosing the correct padding, or underlay  will help increase the feeling of comfort under foot, help to maximise your carpet’s durability and also save you big bucks in the long run. The general rule is to go for a thick and firm carpet underlay, especially for high traffic areas, as it creates a nice and strong base for your carpet, minimising wear and even making indentations from furniture less noticeable.

Material Durability, Colour Fastness and Stain Protection

Once you’ve got the underlay right, it’s time to choose the material – natural materials like wool are the most luxurious, however, they are the most expensive and just not practical if you have children or pets. Polyester and nylon on the other hand, offer great quality and durability while fitting within most budgets. Look for those with a special dyeing method, such as Colourfast, Total or SPF and stain protection, as these will extend your carpet’s life. It is arguable that Solution Dyed Nylons or Polyesters offer the best value as they are extremely colourfast, hard wearing and resilient. The new soft sense low denier fibres (more strands per thread) in particular have an amazing luxurious feel, are highly resistant to fading and staining, can be cleaned with stronger cleaning solutions, and retain their appearance for longer durations.

How to ensure you install a good quality carpet

Carpet Style That Suits Your Needs

Another thing to consider is the carpet style you should choose. If you are already stressing about footprints and vacuum tracks, stay away from cut pile. Because of the way the pile loops are cut, this is a very soft and comfortable carpet, this makes it the most likely to display track marks. If you have kids running around, a loop pile option will suit you best, as the loops aren’t cut, these carpets are very durable and easy to maintain and won’t show footprints. However, if you don’t want to give up the ‘plushy’ feeling of cut pile but are worried about track marks everywhere, a cut pile twist style might just do the trick – in this style the pile loops are twisted and then cut. The different texture is soft and comfortable and does a great job at masking footprints.

When all of that’s decided and you’re at the store, looking through samples, make sure you fold them and see how easily you can see the base of the carpet. The less dense it is, the lower its quality. The denser it is, the more luxurious it will feel on your toes.

Remember, if at any stage you have any questions or need help, the team at our Tile Wizards stores are happy to assist you! We stock great quality carpets by Redbook and Minster, amongst others, and we are sure we can find the perfect one for your next project.

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