Wool Twist Pile Carpet

Twist pile carpet

Renovate Your Flooring With Wool Twist Pile Carpet

Thinking about renovating your old, worn out lounge room flooring? Carpet, a long time favourite, can add a touch of traditional elegance and comfort to any room.

The Popular Carpet Choice

Carpet comes in a wide range of styles and colours to suit any home décor. Its soft touch makes it suitable for the whole family – especially those little ones learning to walk. Whether you’re recarpeting or building a whole new room, you’ll want to choose a carpet that’s not only stylish but also durable enough to last for years to come. Flooring Wizards have a range of carpets to complete your flooring needs, with a popular choice being Wool Twist Pile Carpet.

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Twist Pile Carpet Features

Twist pile carpet is manufactured with its threads tightly woven in a twisted manner, giving the finished product a stylish textured look.  This twisting effect also gives the carpet added durability, meaning it will maintain its finish and shape for much longer than other carpet styles. Available in a range of colours and patterns, the carpet will also be less likely to show ‘shading’ compared to other options.  Perfect for all areas of your home, this hard-wearing carpet will do especially well in your lounge rooms, bedrooms, hallways and even kids play areas.

Benefits of Wool CarpetFlooring Wizards Wool Twist Pile Carpet

Wool also has a long list of added benefits and features that make it a quality product. These features include:

  Easy to vacuum clean
  Hard external fibers increases stain resistance
  Acts as a temperature & noise insulator
  Flame resistant due to its natural high moisture content
  It is sustainable and biodegradable

Wool Twist Pile carpets are an affordable and stylish choice that lets you combine the benefits of both wool and twist pile.  With its strong durability, you’ll be able to enjoy the soft touch beneath your toes without damaging the look of your new carpet.

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