How to Lay Loose Vinyl Plank Flooring

Laying loose lay vinyl flooring

The Wizards’ Guide in Laying the Perfect Loose Vinyl Plank Flooring

Loose lay Vinyl Plank Flooring looks great and is half the price of both hardwood and floating floorboards.  It is the no-hassles option for any home or office area requiring a new floor makeover. They come in an array of shades, look just as chic as genuine wooden floors and the best part? They are so simple to install that you can do it yourself!

Here are the steps…


You will need to create a blank canvas. So it’s time to get dirty and rip up all that old flooring; making sure that you don’t forget to remove the “smooth edge” (the wooden rim that the carpet is attached to underneath). Depending on the size of the area you are working with this could possibly be quite a large job (but the end result will be worth it we promise), so asking for help from a friend or neighbour may help to speed up this process.

Removing carpet for vinyl floorsRemoving old flooringPreparing floor for Loose Lay Vinyl Plank



You will need to ensure that your area to be laid with vinyl plank flooring is a completely flat plane with no lumps or divots.  This can be achieved with what is called “skim coat”.  Essentially, it is a levelling compound that looks similar to cement slurry. What’s great about it is that you can quickly apply the product, take an hour break whilst it dries, or move to the next room to start the process there. This product ensures that your flooring will be effortlessly even.

Evening out the floor



Finally, once your “skim coat” has cured, it is time to lay your new vinyl plank flooring. This product is what we like to call a true ‘do-it-yourself’ system as it is much simpler to install than previous vinyl flooring options.  Simply, decide which way you wish the planks to run in your space. Start in one corner and stack the planks top to tail in your desired direction, making sure that you leave no gaps between each of the planks.  Once you have completed the entire space, leave the flooring to thoroughly dry. It’s as simple as that!

Laying-loose-lay-vinyl-planks Laying loose lay vinyl planks2

However, if you feel like you need a little bit more guidance, don’t worry. We are one step ahead of you.  Feel free to watch us make over an apartment and lay our own vinyl plank flooring in this YouTube video.  Alternately, pop into your local Tile Wizards store and chat to one of our helpful team members about the application of this product.

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Loose lay vinyl plank flooring

Perfectly installed loose lay vinyl plank flooring.