Timber Flooring – Tips and Trends!

Kitchen with timber flooring

Product Trends and Useful Tips on Choosing Your Timber Flooring

Being one of the largest surfaces in your home, flooring is very crucial to define a space, as well as impacting on the style, mood and atmosphere. Timber is a popular contemporary flooring material. It makes beautiful floors, and it adds warmth, ambience and interest to any space. With many different colours available, timber flooring is a versatile option for almost any home style.

To help you select the right materials to suit your style, Flooring Wizards shares these useful tips and trends for timber flooring.

Trends in Timber Flooring

Laminate timber-look flooring and Bamboo are two of the biggest trends in timber flooring products for their appearance of timber without the costly price tag. Bamboo is a sustainable product which grows quickly, highly durable and much harder than traditional timber flooring. Bamboo has the same colour range as timber and it’s easy to install. Timber laminate is a much more economical option than solid timber floors, yet they practically look the same that you will have trouble distinguishing one from the other!

Kitchen with Timber Flooring

Laying Your Timber Floor Planks

Laying your timber planks in certain directions or patterns is another decision you will have to make when deciding on your flooring.  Many of the flooring options available at Tile Wizards are DIY products which means they can be installed by yourself. This gives you a lot of control over installation decisions as well as potentially saving a large amount of money that can be invested in other areas of your home.

Colour Combinations

When using a lighter shade timber, pair it on a darker wall. Similarly, if you choose a darker coloured timber flooring make sure the surround walls and fixtures are white or cream to create the latest look.

Limed finishes are also hugely popular at the moment with timber floorboards. Milky greys, limed whites and light-washes help to create softness and a subtle look, and create a fresh feel in any interior. Keep the surrounding walls like as well to create a rustic and relaxed atmosphere.

The New Technology in Flooring

If you are looking for a faster and easier way to install flooring then Loose Lay Vinyl Planks are the best option! This product installs over most existing floors and is super easy to repair if needed. It is also extremely well priced and looks amazing! Available in eight beautiful designs, this product amalgamates both beauty and quality into your flooring.

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